I fell in love with the source of my insecurities
so deeply in love and I’m afraid I can’t get myself out
It’s the fear,
the fear of failing to live without them that makes me feel trapped.
The good thing about them is that I’m comfortable with them,
We know each other
We just have a way in which we co-exist without killing each other never mind our feet are forever swollen
We keep hurting each other.

They give me warmth plus comfort
With them I can be insecure and real

At the end of the day,
I’m trapped
I’ve been looking for a way out for years
Sadly I lost myself
It’s frustrating to keep thinking that I can’t survive if I leave this cell
I became accustomed to it’s warmth and the environment
Sometimes I feel like this cell is enough space...for me

I'm trapped.



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